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Learn or improve your Salsa dancing on your own schedule in the comfort of your home. Whether you are a Beginner who is just starting out or an Experienced dancer that wants to look or feel better on the floor, we have the best program to cater to your needs.

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Next Live Webinars:

Anya Katsevman - July 20th @ 6pm (NY Time)
Melanie Castillo - August 12th @ 12pm (NY Time)


We have guest instructors at My Salsa Online and this month we are going to have Anya Katsevman teaching Salsa Techniques and in August we will have Melanie Castillo Teaching Salsa Shines with Musicality.


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Joel Dominguez & Maria Palmieri
Owners and founders of JoelSalsa NYC and My Salsa Online
They are the most sought after NYC Salsa instructors known for their unique style of dancing and teaching methods. They are known world wide as experts in musicality, technique, leading & following and helping dancers around the world reach their professional dance goals.

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