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Welcome to Technique and Mechanics of Movement Volume 1 By Anya Katsevman

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Technique and Mechanics of Movement Volume 1

In this series we will cover technique and mechanics of how the body moves and functions. The purpose of this knowledge is to enable you to properly utilize your body to create all possible variety of movement with minimum applied effort to produce maximum results. Catering to enable you to master weight transfer balance speed rotation and rhythmical body movement to be applied in all dance forms and styles.

Technique and Mechanics of Movement Volume 1 By Anya Katsevman


  • Chapter 1 - Posture : Proper alignment of your body for good aesthetics and body functionality.
  • Chapter 2 - Feet : Weight transfer technique. Balance and speed control
  • Chapter 3 - Legs : Usage of legs to produce maximum power and rhythm body movement.
  • Chapter 4 - Hips : Together with leg action all possible natural hip action and rhythm
  • Chapter 5 - Upper body and figure 8 : Lats back shoulders and arms and how they function for rhythm and styling
  • Chapter 6 - Being grounded : Ability to utilize your body to produce maximum Latin rhythmical action.
  • Chapter 7 - Rhythm Vs Timing : Talk about musicality and the important difference and execution of body movement versus weight transfer
  • Chapter 8 - Spinning : Different types of turns and changes of direction breaking down technique for all levels

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