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Afro Cuban Movement Fundamentals Volume 1

The body movement in these dances are extremely diverse; varying greatly not only between one dance and another, but also in the different simultaneously coordinated body movements within one step. These videos take the time to explain each of these different moving parts, and then how to put them all together so that your dancing has a natural and authentic look and feel..

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Afro Cuban movement fundamentals Volume 1 By Hunter houde

Afro Cuban Movement Fundamentals Volume 2

Volume II of Afro Cuban Fundamentals applies the building blocks of movement from Volume I with the basic steps from different Afro Cuban dances including several Orishas, Palo, Makuta, Yuca, Rumba, Son, and Pilon. The steps are carefully broken down, and then demonstrated with counts and music. Careful attention is given to guide you in how to directly apply these steps to your salsa dancing coming in and out of a salsa basic, and how and when to apply these steps to give you more range in your dancing.

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