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Welcome to Afro Cuban Movement Fundamentals Volume 2

Afro-Cuban movement fundamentals Volume 2 by Hunter Houde
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Afro-Cuban Movement Fundamentals Vol.2

Volume II of Afro Cuban Fundamentals applies the building blocks of movement from Volume I with the basic steps from different Afro Cuban dances including several Orishas, Palo, Makuta, Yuca, Rumba, Son, and Pilon. The steps are carefully broken down, and then demonstrated with counts and music. Careful attention is given to guide you in how to directly apply these steps to your salsa dancing coming in and out of a salsa basic, and how and when to apply these steps to give you more range in your dancing.



  • Warm Up - Warm up your body properly and get your blood flowing before we start
  • Posture and Alignment - Position your weight and hold yourself properly in order to carry out the movements
  • Foot Positioning - Know how to position your feet in relation to the rest of your body while dancing
  • Puppet Exercise - Coordinate a opening and closing action in the upper torso with your steps
  • Cuban Hip and Torso Motion/Rotation - Learn the cuban hip motion, and get the hips and torso moving in sync
  • Cuban Contra Body Movement - Add another dimension to the Cuban hip and torso motion: a classic characteristic of salsa and son
  • Frame - Awareness of your arms in relation to the rest of your body in dance
  • Undulations - Moving the spine in a waving motion like a snake
  • Moving from the Elbows - How to use your arms in coordination with the rest of your body movement.
  • Coordination of the Body - Comments on how to help the entire body move as one
  • Bonus - Demonstration; putting these elements into practice

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