Connection in Salsa ON2 Dance

connection in salsa on2 dance

When dancing Salsa in couples the connection is very important to be able to tell what you can lead and/or follow in a pattern. Sometimes we are quick to do what we learned in a class without feeling out what the follower can do or how much energy or connection they are giving. Invite someone…

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Hand Position When Leading & Following A Cross Body Lead In Salsa Dancing

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Salsa Shines Series Advanced Variations – Episode 5

salsa shines series advanced variations-episode 5

Shines are a good way to practice timing, body control, speed, technique and more. In every class we breakdown the HOW, not just the what so you understand how to execute every move with control! For more deeper breakdowns of our skills, shines, turn patterns, you may join our Online VIP Membership: //

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Hammerlock Position in Salsa Dancing

hammerlock position

In this video Joel Dominguez & Maria Palmieri explain the Hammerlock positions in Salsa Social Dancing. When you understand the concept of what we call a “skill”, then you will be able to apply this in many different salsa turn patterns and change the variations so it looks stylish and effortless. For more deeper breakdowns…

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Salsa Shine On2 Avanced Variations

salsa shine advanced variations episode 3

In this video Joel & Maria from JoelSalsa clearly breakdown the Salsa shines so that their students can practice body control, proper weight transfer and execution of the moves. Controlling your body can give you more speed & efficiency when doing the moves. This creates good habits all around in you salsa dancing!   For…

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Salsa Partner Series – Outside Turn Variations – Episode 2

partner Series outside turn variations episode-2

In this video Joel & Maria explain a salsa turn pattern using different outside turn variations. They breakdown the leading and following part to be able to execute the turns flawlessy and once you understand what goes behind each pattern, you can implement creativity, styling and musicality. But first its important to practice the concepts!…

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How To Use Different Beats To Add Musicality In Cha Cha Cha

how to use different beats to add musicality in cha cha cha

Joel from JoelSalsa discusses how to play with the music in Cha Cha dancing to add more steps in between the beats and give a different look and feel.

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Fix This Bad Habit When Dancing Salsa

fix this bad habit when dancing salsa

When dancing in couples in Salsa dancing try to be aware of how much resistance you are giving so you can become a better follower or leader. Try not to hold or squeeze fingers and also give some sort of curve in the hands so you don’t lose connection.

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3 Things To Do To Become A Better Salsa Dancer

3 things to do to become better salsa dancer

Joel from JoelSalsa explains a few things you need to do to become a better Salsa dancer. Just taking classes is not enough, you will need to practice what you learned in class, and of course go social dancing after you practice your moves enough times off the dance floor. For a deeper breakdown of…

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Salsa Shines on2 – Beginner Level Tutorial

salsa shine on2 beginner level-tutorial

Tutorial of salsa shines On2 style for Beginners

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