Different Styles of Salsa Dancing

    Joel & Maria discuss the different styles of Salsa and the importance of knowing what you are listening to in the music that prompts you to dance a certain style.

How To Be A Better Follower in Salsa Dancing

  Maria Palmieri discusses a few tips of improving the follower's roles by knowing your steps and being able to execute the steps and turns alone so you don’t solely rely

How To Be More Stylish In Salsa Dancing

    Using the floor and pressing and pushing the whole time will help you stay more grounded and create a powerful, flowy look while dancing. Joel & Maria discuss keeping the majority
Joel Salsa Series - Episode 4 Hammerlock Variations

Hammerlock Position in Salsa Dancing

In this video Joel Dominguez & Maria Palmieri explain the Hammerlock positions in Salsa Social Dancing. When you understand the concept of what we call a "skill", then you will
Joel Salsa Series - Episode 3 Advanced Variations

Salsa Shine On2 Avanced Variations

In this video Joel & Maria from JoelSalsa clearly breakdown the Salsa shines so that their students can practice body control, proper weight transfer and execution of the moves. Controlling