How To Be A Better Follower In Salsa

How to Be A Better Follower In Salsa

Maria Palmieri discusses a few tips of improving the followers roles by knowing your steps and being able to execute the steps and turns alone so you don’t solely rely on the leader as well as controlling the “slow” part in the salsa music! For a deeper breakdown of steps, turns and styling, visit

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Become More Stylish In Salsa Dancing Couples

how to be more stylish in salsa dancing

Joel Dominguez & Maria Palmieri explaing using the dance floor to create a stronger and more power in your Salsa social dancing! Many people think style has to be only arms or hips, but just by adding pressing and pushing with the ball of the feet, you can create more style and more power in…

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How To Do A Cross Body Lead, In & Outside Turn – Salsa ON2

salsa on2 how to do a cross body lead in outside turn

Joel Dominguez & Maria Palmieri explain how to use tracks when you are dancing salsa in partnerwork for Cross body lead, inside turns or outside turns. This will help men to leave enough space for the lady while she is doing traveling turns, and also help ladies keep their balance and be ready for the…

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Adding Dynamics & Energy To Your Salsa Dancing

Adding Dynamics & Energy To Your Salsa Dancing

When dancing Salsa, you are dancing to music and all songs have different tempo and different energy. The energy of the song allows us to feel something that we can express within and with our partner. Just like all songs are different, the way we dance to them should feel and look different. This video…

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Salsa Shines Series:Swing Variations – Episode 1

salsa on2 shines

In today’s video, we are going to go over some salsa shines that are going to help you to be more stylish when salsa dancing.   Want more beginner, intermediate, advanced salsa shines and partner works instructional videos? Click here to join our Online Salsa School 👉 // Please let us know in the comment…

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5 Tips to Get You Started in Salsa Dancing

5 tips to get you started in salsa dancing

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5 Salsa Bands You Should Listen To When Learning Salsa

5 salsa bands should listen when salsa learning

    Joel mentions some salsa bands and music you can listen to that not only he likes but has a very different feel that he recommends to you can practice your salsa dancing and turn patterns to! These bands are Tromborange, La Maxima and more!

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Shines ON2 For Beginner’s Tutorial

shines on2 for beginners - Tutorial, My Salsa Online

Joel & Nancy from JoelSalsa dance studio teach a few fun Beginner Salsa shines that you can use on the dance floor. Shines were taught at La Clave NYC to warm up the event!

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Different Styles of Salsa Dancing

different styles of salsa dancing

Joel & Maria discuss the different styles of Salsa and the importance of knowing what you are listening to in the music that prompts you to dance a certain style. This will help you recognize what beat the instruments hit and to pay more attention to the music when dancing. The music has a structure…

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How to Smoothly Transition from Salsa ON1 to Salsa ON2

how to smoothly transition from salsa on1 to salsa on2

Joel & Maria discuss how to smoothly transition from On1 to On2 Salsa style. Most common mistake is not holding the slow part of the song which can make you jump into another beat or style. Learning to control the slow part with your body can help with many aspects in your Salsa dancing!

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