How To Be A Better Follower in Salsa Dancing

how to be a better follower insalsa dance

Maria Palmieri talks about the importance of ladies knowing their steps on their own and following with the feet and body rather than the leaders arms. We must understand the timing of each step and what leg goes with the timing and to use the slow part of the music to get ready for whats…

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How To Be More Stylish In Salsa Dancing

how to be more stylish in Salsa Dancing

Using the floor and pressing and pushing the whole time will help you stay more grounded and create a powerful, flowy look while dancing. Joel & Maria discuss keeping the majority of your weight in the center on your slow count which will help you push on the quick, quick to stay more controlled and…

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How To Do A Cross Body Lead, In & Outside Turn (Properly)

How to do cross body leads in salsa

  Using your dance tracks in cross body lead, traveling turns & variations help both the leader and follower with balance. Joel & Maria talk about the importance of staying in your track or line when dancing Salsa as it helps you execute the pattern more efficiently by keeping the lady in balance and not…

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Using the Floor in Salsa Dancing

using the floor in salsa dancing

  Using the floor in Salsa dancing helps you stay grounded and connected to the floor to be able to control your movements. Joel & Maria always say the floor is your best friend! You need to use the pressure and pushing to help add more power to the legs and dynamic to your dancing.…

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Differences Between Single and Double Turns

difference between single and double turn

  Joel & Maria talk about the difference of energy and momentum in a single salsa turn and a double salsa turn. For leaders you should create a different feeling for the follower to understand something needs more power. For followers always great weight transfer will have you ready for most turns!

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Energy in Salsa Turns

energy in salsa dancing

  Joel & Maria explain the energy you need in Salsa dancing depending on what turn or move you are doing. You will always have energy throughout the entire dance but you can play with the levels of energy depedning on quick, quick and the slow or the music to make your dancing look and…

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How To Keep Your Balance

keep the balance in salsa dancing

  Keeping your balance takes many steps such as weight transfer, control of your body and use of the floor, hand positions, spotting and more. Joel & Maria discuss a few of these tools and express the importance of knowing your own steps in turns so that you have control of your body. Also understand…

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Hand Positions and Connection

  Joel & Maria discuss the correct hand positions when you are dancing with your partner. Hand positions are just as important as the turn itself! For the gentlemen it helps to not pull the lady off balance or yourself! For the lady it helps to not put all of the power in your arms…

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How To Do Salsa Wraps In Salsa Dancing Salsa Tools

salsa wraps in salsa dancing

  Joel & Maria breakdown the Wraps in Salsa dancing in partnerwork. They breakdown the footwork for both men and ladies so you can practice on your own. The connection for this salsa tool is very important and keeping control of your body to make this work smooth on the dance floor. Practice and pay…

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How To Dance Salsa With Tumbao vs Numbers – Salsa On2

difference between dancing with numbers vs tumbao

  How to Dance Salsa – In this video we are explaining the difference between dancing salsa with numbers and dancing salsa with the sound of the conga (tumbas) – tumbao. This will be helpful if you want to dance salsa on2 and want to dance smooth.

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