shines on2 for beginners - Tutorial, My Salsa Online

Shines ON2 For Beginner’s Tutorial

Joel & Nancy from JoelSalsa dance studio teach a few fun Beginner Salsa shines that you can use on the dance floor. Shines were taught at La Clave NYC to warm
using the floor in salsa dancing

Using the Floor in Salsa Dancing

  Using the floor in Salsa dancing helps you stay grounded and connected to the floor to be able to control your movements. Joel & Maria always say the floor is
energy in salsa dancing

Energy in Salsa Turns

  Joel & Maria explain the energy you need in Salsa dancing depending on what turn or move you are doing. You will always have energy throughout the entire dance but
keep the balance in salsa dancing

How To Keep Your Balance

  Keeping your balance takes many steps such as weight transfer, control of your body and use of the floor, hand positions, spotting and more. Joel & Maria discuss a

Hand Positions and Connection

  Joel & Maria discuss the correct hand positions when you are dancing with your partner. Hand positions are just as important as the turn itself! For the gentlemen it helps
Salsa Dancing on Clave 2-3

Salsa Dancing on Clave 2-3

  Joel Dominguez breaks down the timing of the clave 2-3 and how to add your salsa steps to this instrument. It creates a completely different feeling in your dancing and