CHA-CHA Online Workshop
with Joel Dominguez & Maria Palmieri

Join us for this LIVE Online Class of Cha-Cha, which is known as an extremely sexy and flavorful dance! Learn not only the foundation and basics of “Cha-Cha” but also how to get creative and become more versatile on the dance floor instead of shying away from it.

Joel & Maria who are known for their musical style of teaching & dancing will dive deep into the basics, timing, partnering & styling, as well as fun syncopated footwork to show you how you can play with the timing and musicality of one of their favorite dances!



  • October, 14th 2017
  • 01:00PM New York Time
  • 10.00AM Los Angeles Time
  • 6.00PM London Time
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Discover the CHA-CHA tools & techniques that will make you look and feel more controlled & confident on the dance floor!


  • 1

    Foundation and Basics

  • 2


  • 3

    Fun & Musical Footwork

  • 4

    Partnering & Styling In Couples

  • 5

    Q & A

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Hosted By:

Maria Palmieri

Joel Dominguez

ATTENTION: We have limited spaces for this webinar, don't miss this opportunity! This webinar will be full of valuable information that you can apply in your dance and if you are an instructor you will be able to apply it in your classes.

Reserve your space and be part of this new method of teaching through internet!

See you inside the Webinar room!

Watch The Replay Limited Time