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Joaquin Arteaga is a Venezuelan musician, creator, bandleader, composer and timbalero of Tromboranga salsa orchestra based in Barcelona, Spain. Joaquin organizes and teaches percussion salsa workshops and musicality for salsa dancers in English and Spanish all around the world.

Joaquin will guide you in understanding how Salsa music is structured to improve your dancing. You will learn about the dynamics, instruments, and rhythms in each section of a salsa tune.

Anya Katsevman covers the techniques and mechanics of how the body moves and functions. This knowledge will enable you to properly utilize your body to create all possible varieties of movement.

Apply minimal effort to produce maximum results. Master weight transfer, balance, speed, rotation and rhythmical body movement applied in all styles and forms of dance.

Explore and follow through different exercises, techniques and patterns that will help you become aware of your body and guide you to better execute and control your spins on your own, with a partner, in spot or traveling.

Elvis Collado will break down and drill proper body alignment, balance & control, single & multiple spins, changes of direction & much more. These drills will help you gain the muscle memory you need!

Griselle Ponce will help you peel the layers to determine the essence of your own movement. Learn how to use pockets of time to style, and express how you interpret the music.

This is a total body immersive experience exploring:

•  Body Movement  •  Control  •  Awareness
  Coordination.   Musicality  •  Rhythm
•  Timing  •  Cadence

 Body Movement • Control  • Awareness   Coordination
 Musicality  •  Rhythm  •  Timing  •  Cadence

 Body Movement  •  Control
•  Awareness.  Coordination
  Musicality  •  Rhythm
•  Timing  •  Cadence

Ladies Styling Courses

Melissa Rosado  •  Karel Flores

Develop sensual and sexy styling in this beginner/intermediate course with Melissa Rosado. Begin with fundamental basic movements and advance to more complicated arm and body movement designed to be incorporated into partnering and shines.

Strengthen your fundamentals of Salsa and learn techniques for hot & sexy styling with Karel Flores. Gain more experience and learn fun, challenging Salsa footwork. Use the tools given to help you look smooth and fluid and onto the dance floor in no time!

But Wait! There's More...

Afro-Cuban Movement, Bachata & Pachanga

Volume I explains each of these different moving parts in Afro-Cuban dances and how to put them all together so that your dancing has a natural and authentic look and feel.

Volume II applies the building blocks of movement from Volume I with the basic steps from different Afro Cuban dances including several Orishas, Palo, Makuta, Yuca, Rumba, Son, and Pilon. Hunter Houde guides you to directly apply these steps into your Salsa dancing - coming in & out of a Salsa basic as well as how and when to apply these steps to give you more range in your dancing.

Learn all levels of footwork and partnerwork in a progressive format from the complete novice to the more advanced dancer. 

Go deeper into musical breakdown for footwork using three main rhythms on both Guira & Bongo, how to dance to each rhythm, the 4 possible timings and syncopations, and how to apply them to dancing with fun and challenging footwork patterns.

Edwin & Daniela focus on social dancing techniques and how to make the dance both playful and memorable by incorporating creativity and versatility.

Pachanga is a new dance craze that is making its revival from the 60s. It consists of a series of steps and movements that requires constant rocking back on core beats of music.

In this beginner level Pachanga course, Melissa Rosado will breakdown all the basics & fundamentals of the dance and then demonstrate how to incorporate it socially into shines and partnerwork.

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