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Get to Know Joel & Maria

Owners & Founders of
My Salsa Online & Joel Salsa NYC

Owners & Founders of My Salsa Online & Joel Salsa NYC

We are driven by giving our students results! With our unique teaching method we will help you jumpstart your Salsa journey or take the more advanced dancer up to the next level.

We understand teaching requires patience and a deeper knowledge of Salsa music & dance. We communicate this to our students in a simple manner to help you grow as a dancer.

We focus on skills & tools where students learn the concepts of what goes behind the dance. This allows you to create the muscle memory needed to be able to look more natural on the dance floor.

We truly believe in dancing with feeling, not just memorizing!



Imagine Having One Place For All Of Your Salsa Needs! We offer classes in all levels (Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced) both in a pre-recorded format and live.

All of the classes are taught not only with the numbers, but we go deeper into the Salsa music to give you a better understanding of how to feel the rhythm and interpret it into your steps and partner work.

You will improve your leading & following skills, styling, body movement and much more with our unique teaching skills!

These techniques will help you become a better social dancer, learn new concepts and variations of the Skills of Salsa On2 Style and be able to get creative on your own!



This course is for students who are Absolute Beginners and want to learn the Fundamentals of Salsa or for those who Dance Salsa On1 and want to transition to Salsa On2 "NY Style". 

We will help you master your fundamentals so you gain the confidence you need to look and feel smooth on the dance floor. The course is progressive so we will build upon each week to give you the muscle memory you need to advance. 



In this complete Online Styling Bootcamp course you will learn the KEY fundamentals on how to take your dancing to the next level and be more in control of your body to be able to look and feel Stylish, sexy and move freely & effortlessly on the dance floor.

Maria Palmieri will break down in an easy and simple way all the secrets on how to improve your dancing technique, how to be more connected to the floor, use specific muscle groups to gain control of your body at the same time become sharper and precise. If you want to see REAL improvement in your style, technique, confidence, musicality and more, then this is the course for you!


Imagine yourself dancing to a salsa song and predicting when the music will change - allowing you to react with body movement or with your partner. This is possible if you know the secrets of salsa music!

Joel Dominguez teaches his students how to dance with feeling from a beginner level to the most advanced dancers. By listening and following to just one instrument - you will be able to dance with feeling. It’s that easy when you know the techniques.

Dance With Feeling


We Work With Special Guest Instructors Who Offer Their Own Unique Products.

We work with special guest instructors who offer their own unique products exclusively to MySalsaOnline friends! Learn different specialties that you can implement into your Salsa dancing. These products are a great complement to the VIP Membership. All VIP Members get exclusive deals on these products!


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Joel & Maria

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