Online Salsa Lessons – 2

Salsa Basic Steps


Hello and Hi, in this online salsa lesson, we’re going to start with the salsa basic steps. We’re going to show you in different angles. We’re going to start first with a regular basic. We’re going to face as on the online salsa lesson video is really quick. We’re going to start from that position. It starts, cun-cun-two-three-con-con-six-seven-cun-cun, in place, forward with the left(please watch the different salsa dance style positions on the video). Cun-cun, in place. Back with the right and then center. All right, we’re going to do it on this angle.

So we can actually see what happened with our partner when we are partnered up. Maria is going to explain the ladies’ (online salsa lessons) dance part. Ladies, notice that we’re going to do the same salsa basic step that we did facing . Now going to start with the right, which is ladies cun-cun step, and men, notice we’re going to start with the left.

So what we mean, starting with the left means that we’re going to start out with the second part of the salsa basic step. That Means whenever we going back, That way we match the ladies’ footwork. So we start from the position shown on the online salsa lesson – 2. Cun-cun-two-three-cun-cun-six-even.(Music sounds)

So now what we gonna do?.. We gonna learn the other salsa basic steps. This is how we’re going to start changing the direction of our regular salsa basic. If we one more time, facing this way, we’re going to do, start with the center, con-con, and now we can open with the left, bom-bom-cun-cun(music sound). We’re going to call this side step. Cun-cun-bom-bom,Cun-cun-bom-bom, cun-cun. Now, in this position as showed on the online salsa lesson video, we want to do with the back step what we’re going to start is from here. It’s cun-cun-back-and, codon-back, cun-cun-back, and cun-cun-back(music sounds). We facing now, each other.

We’re going to start from the side step. Start from here as shown on the salsa classes online video. Ladies on the right and guys on the left. Cun-cun-side-break, cun-cun, side,break,cun-cun,side,break, and side break. Now we’re going to start with the back break. Ladies on the right. Cun-cun, back break, cun-cun,back and cun-cun, back and cun-cun, back in.

Okay. now we’re going to try all these salsa basic steps starting with the basic side step, back step, with music.

lets see you on the next video.

Thank you.