Recommended Equipment


Headset Microphones

KIMAFUN 2.4G Wireless Mic

This mic is rechargeable and works pretty ok, is the one that we purchased temporary but Maria is using it without problems, No professional but works

KIMAFUN 2.4G Wireless Mic (without cable)

This is the same mic but without the cable, it's rechargeable and works pretty good, is the one that we purchased temporary but Maria is using it without problems, No professional but works

SHURE Wireless Mic System Headset

This headset has a cable that goes to transmitter to place it on belt or pants with clip. Need AA batteries.

SAMSOM AirLine 77

We have this mic and so far we have it for years and still working fine, uses AAA batteries but not cables for headset. Band to adjust to different size. No cable needed for headset.

SAMSOM AirLine 99

We have this mic, this is the newer version of Samson 77, rechargeable but not good to adjust for different sizes. I have this one but Maria prefers Airline 77, I’m ok with this one, is the one I’m using now.
No cable needed for headset.



This is the mixer that I used on the video to explain how to connect the audio.


This is the same mixer but without USB, still you can bring the audio with the USB interface cable. You can use the first option to connect to your computer. (Module 3 first phase)

USB Behringer 1202USB

I add this version just in case you can’t find any of the mixers above.  You can do the same since is the same mixer but with more inputs.  It connects via USB as well.

Cables For Mixer

Cable Audio: GLS Audio 6ft Y-Cable Splitter Cord

(music to mixer) (mixer to speaker) (mixer to computer)
Need 2 cables maybe one more extra (just in case)

Hosa CMS-110 3.5mm TRS to 1/4” TRS Stereo

From Mixer to Your Speaker so you can hear the music to teach

USB Extension Amazon Basics USB 3.0 Extension Cable

You can use this cable to connect your computer with mixer in case that you have to set up the mixer little far from your computer.

Amazon 3.5mm Male to Male Stereo Cable

This cable is optional incase you want to position your computer far from the mixer. Think on this as extension.

UGREEN 1/4 Male to 3.5 female Adaptor

If you want to hear how your mixer sounds, you can use your headphones, connect this adapter to your headphones and plug.

Cables - Mixer To Computer

UGREEN USB Audio Adapter

This is the cable that you need to bring the audio from the mixer to your computer via USB

USB C Hub Adapter for New Mac Computers

If you don’t have a computer and want to bring the audio to your computer you can use this adapter to connect different USB devices to your laptop.

USB C Hub HDMI Adapter for New Mac Laptop

This is one more option to connect your new computer and have different USB inputs. Please read all the specifications so you can see if this will work with your computer.

Cables For Phones

STARTECH Splitter audio and mic for phones with headphone input

This will connect audio to the phone directly from mixer if you want to go live from your tablet or phone But if you purchase the *simple mic* already comes with the cables that you need to connect to your mixer and to phone. (Good 😉)

Cable for Audio to Phone

Kingtop 3.5 Split audio to bring audio from mixer to your phone

Headphone Lightning Adaptor

Connect your phone via lightning and charge your phone at the same time.

Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adaptor

Connect your iPhone using the StarTech cable (just like the video) but will keep charging your phone.

Accessories For Computer

Apple Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

To connect your computer directly to internet to get the most reliable signal via Thunderbolt for MacPro Mid 2015 or older

Sabrent 60W 7-Port USB 3 Hub + 3 Smart Charging Ports

Recommend it to run cameras via USB, mixer and more accessories, this way you don’t run out of USB inputs. Need to be plugged to power so it support high speed via USB. (this is what I have)

Tendak USB 4-Port USB 3 Hub + 1 USB Smart Charging Port

This is another version with less ports.

Mounts For Phone, Tables Or Webcams

Vastar Universal Adapter Phone Holder Mount

This is a great base for your phone to mount it on tripod

IPow iPad Tripod Mount Adaptor Universal

If you are planning to use your tablet for your live streaming, you can use this base to mount it on tripod.

Amazon Basics 60-inch Lightweight Tripod with bag

In order to use your phone or tablet, I recommend to use a tripod, this is a simple and economic option.

AUKEY Wide Angle Ora iPhone Camera Lens

Wide angle for phones, tables or your Laptop camera.
Ease clip-on!


Neewer 2-Pack Dimmable Bi-color 480 LED

This is the set that I have right now.
Set of 2 lights with bags. 

Neewer 2-Pack Dimmable Bi-color 660 LED

New version of lights, set of 2 with bags.

Other Equipment

Dance Instructor Training -> Module 1 - Intro / Mindset

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