Learn How To Dance Salsa From the Comfort of Your Home!

Step by Step System from Salsa School in NYC - Now on HD Videos Easy to Access from any Device.

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Learn to Dance Salsa Online in the Comfort of Your Home with HD Videos from Top NYC Salsa Instructors: Joel & Maria


Here's What You Get Inside...

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Complete Video Training Library

Get instant access to the entire Salsa Bootcamp Online video series where you will learn and strengthen the fundamentals of Salsa - timing, basic steps, turns, shines, leading & following techniques.

As you get deeper into this course you will gain more experience by learning fun & challenging salsa turn patterns and footwork by using the tools  to help you lock smooth and fluid and onto the dance floor in no time!

What Are the Benefits?

What Our Students in NYC are Saying...

Joel and Maria's instructional method is clear, easy to understand, and most importantly, easily applicable on the dance floor. The passion Joel and Maria have for dancing and teaching shines through their instructional videos and makes learning  their techniques a fun and rewarding experience. I recommend their course to everyone!

Andrea, New York

I would definitive would recommend it to anyone that want to start dancing or improve it. Love the way you guys were explaining everything from the beginning to end with great details. I already told my husband that this would be very good for him to practice at home, great deal.

Jaqueline, Puerto Rico

The Salsa Bootcamp Online is not only  very well broken down and explained, but also convenient for  people with a busy schedule and those who want to refresh their knowledge. Maria and Joel are amazing instructors, with a wealth of knowledge dance and musicality wise.I highly recommend the Salsa Bootcamp Online, It's definitely worth it.

Debby Smits, Australia

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