Online Salsa lessons – 3

Basic Salsa Steps in Couples beginners

Hello, in this salsa classes online video we’re going to learn how to start applying the regular salsa basics with the partner. How we’re going to start is leading and following of salsa course. Also, we’re going to start doing the open and closed salsa position. Let’s just start first with the connection with the arms.

Ladies, notice that just cup the bottom 4 fingers, so guy can have something to hook onto and release the thumb. Try not to hang on. Guy, only 2 fingers, okay? don’t need the whole hand, just 2 fingers, in the middle of her hand.

From here we have to create some connection.Don’t be spaghetti arms, like that. we have to make sure that we have resistance, and have connection. Connection means that when ever we start moving our body, notice what happens on the salsa classes online video, she reacts.What we did here is just move our body back a little bit and
she feels that connection because it comes from the whole arm.

Ladies, please don’t release the arm just like that.Because then thing will happens as shown on the salsa classes online video. This will give me a little energy here too in the center.

Okay, so how are we going to start dancing? We’re going to start here. We are going to start with a cun-cun, sound whenever you start moving your body. Ladies on the right.Guys on the left. Now let’s put the number on these

Ladies, start on the right leg, That’s cun-cun sound. When we go forward with our left,that’s our 2. So we am going 2,3,cun-cun,6,7 salsa steps.

Guys, just give the counting. 2,3,cun-cun,6,7. Remember,always you have to match her salsa dance steps. This is exactly when we are going to know that we have to start dancing. Since this is the New York style, we have to make sure, guys, we’re going back on the 2,ladies forward on the 2. Saying that, we’re going to start one more time here and then we’re going to go close and open positions. Start from here cun-cun,2,3,cun-cun,6,7,cun-cun,2,3,cun-cun,6,7(salsa music sounds and salsa classes online positions).

Let’s think about the closed position. That was an open position. See,we’re kind of separated. We are just connected with the arm. Now, we’re going to explain the first point of connection as Maria is going to move on. The fist one is guy right hand is in the back of the lady,right here. Okay, Ladies,our left hand is just behind his shoulder.

Third point of connection is going to be our arms. We’re going to make some kind of salsa connection with our arms.
All this part is going to be like one whole piece,okay? Now you are connected through here. Notice if we’re moving our body,she can follow me. See, we can do this at home too.

The other one is right here where the hand,remember,is always connected. now we have this kind of box right here in the middle. make sure you don’t break that box.Means that you’re not going to break it because we’ll be very uncomfortable so guy as a leader we have to make sure that we open 45 degrees approximately. From here we’re going to start doing our salsa basics but now at this angle a little bit. we’re going to start, cun-cun,pah,pah,cun-cun,6,7. So with the number 2,3,cun-cun,6,7,cun-cun,2,3(salsa classes online music sounds). Now from here,open position,we just lay our hand, let her go. So we stay connected. cun-cun,2,3,cun-cun,6,7. And close position go back . Go close whenever we’re going forward guys. Have our closed position one more time, okay?

Now,what about trying it with music.see the salsa classes online video one more time to understand the resistance, salsa open position style and salsa closed position.

Thank you.