Salsa lessons online – An introduction to the Salsa dance


Welcome to My Salsa Online (Exclusive for Salsa lessons online). In this salsa lesson, we are going to explain why do you have to understand the different styles of salsa dance. First of all, of course, when we dance salsa, there are different styles, but sometimes we don’t know which one to dance. In this series of online salsa lessons, we’re going to explain how to dance Salsa on 2.

what is the difference between salsa on 2, Puerto Rican, Colombian, different styles that we have? Everything is basically on the music. We have to know on what beat we’re going to start salsa dancing. I’m going to give a really quick introduction to how to understand if we are dancing salsa on 1 or we are dancing salsa on 2.

So first of all, the musicians… they write the music on bars of 4 beats, so it means when ever they start the song, you will see the director counting like that. “1,2,1,2,3,4.” From there, the whole band will start playing, so what that means is that they will know the speed or the tempo that all the instruments they have to start playing together.

What we have to do is we have to know where is going to be the first beat. That way, we will understand hou or when we have to start dancing, depending on the style of our salsa dancing. Let’s put an example really quick, so that makes sense. we are going to show a little bit of footwork here on this salsa lesson online video. Whenever we start salsa dancing on the first beat, if we break forward with the left, that means that we will be dancing on 2, so we’re going to start like this… 1,2,3. We call the break step whenever we step forward; we got the limit, and then we come back to the center. That is our break step. That’s the first beat.

What happens if we want to start dancing on 2? Now first beat is going to be on the right, in this case, and then on the second beat is when we break forward with the left. That is what will make us to start salsa dancing on 2.

Either you are a lady, you start going forward, or if you are a guy, you start going back on the 2, but the main point is that you understand where is the first beat, and you have to understand that you will be dancing on 2. That means you hold the 1 on the center and then go and break forward on the second beat.

Salsa lessons online system

To make it easier, don’t make it too complicated, the style, or actually the system that we’re using… It’s about start listening to the salsa music. We’re going to start listening to the congas. When you start listening to the congas, they have two different sounds, which the first one is going to be the tunes. It’s going to be like cun cun, and then one more sound (can understand clearly on the above salsa lesson online video). We’re going to call it slap, and it is going to be on the strongest beat(Slap) . The rhythm of the conga is going to be cun cun(slap), cun, cun (slap)…

The interesting part of this instrument is that always the slap(slap), the strongest one, is going to give you the second beat, which is the one we were talking about, the one that we break either forward or we break back. This is why we’re going to start dancing with the conga beat. On this online salsa lessons video you will start listening… cun cun pa, cun cun pa. That is going to give us the tempo and the speed of our steps. Every time that you hear the cun cun, It’s in the center, and then the slap is when we’re going to back or forward. Okay?

We’re going to play the music, and then we will understand, actually. we will hear the conga beat, and we will understand when we have to go either forward or we have to go back on the salsa dance . By the way, We have to make sure that we’re going forward on the 2, and then we go back on the 6. We’re going to explan more deep this on the other salsa lessons online videos, so right now just try to understand the mechanics of the sound. we’re going to play, and now we’re going to start salsa dancing with the music.

Using our Salsa lessons online system , you can easily understand the salsa timings and the salsa music. See you in the next videos.