Salsa Styling Bootcamp

Training for All Levels by Maria Palmieri


Here's What You're Going To Learn

In this complete Online Styling Bootcamp course you will learn the KEY fundamentals on how to take your dancing to the next level and be more in control of your body to be able to look and feel Stylish, sexy and move freely & effortlessly on the dance floor.

Maria Palmieri will break down in an easy and simple way all the secrets on how to improve your dancing technique, how to be more connected to the floor, use specific muscle groups to gain control of your body at the same time become sharper and precise.

If you want to see REAL improvement in your style, technique, confidence, musicality and more, then this is the course for you!  

Module 1

We will work on drills to help you look less mechanical and become more grounded, more fluid & graceful. Once we understand the "pressing and pushing" technique, we can add Hip movement, become quicker, precise and more controlled in our turns. We will implement all of the exercises and drills into Shines with power and energy!

7 Lessons Included in Module 1

Module 2

We will dive into drills and exercises that will help you understand how to move the body in various ways by targeting specific muscles. Learn to improve your control, range of motion and flexibility. Isolate various parts of your body to improve your Salsa shines and body rolls!

6 Lessons Included in Module 2

Module 3

Learn how to use your arms in a more natural and connected way. I'll teach you movement techniques on how to elongate your arms using by connecting them to your center and shifting your weight so you don't have to "think" about them so much. We will use all of these drills and incorporate them into shines to level up your arm styling.

6 Lessons Included in Module 3

Module 4

Now it's time to incorporate and apply all of the techniques taught the past 3 modules into a fun choreography drill. We'll practice over and over to master the movements and gain the muscle memory you'll need! Walk away with multiple "aha" moments as you improve and are on the way to be the dancer you want to become!

7 Lessons Included in Module 4

What Others Like You Are Saying!

The workshops have been amazing!  

Your instructions are clear and concise. Class begins with a slow methodical warm up and isolations, then move to the basic foot step technique which have been so helpful.

I have enjoyed your choreography as it includes some of the basic principles and movements that were introduced beforehand during the warmup. And the responses to student's questions are also very informative.

Cecily Englander

Your drills are awesome!

I appreciate your patience to go over a few challenging moves several times which I find helpful. I'm an intermediate-beginner and still learning.

Overall, I really enjoyed the class despite not able to follow the whole choreo completely.
I will definitely watch the both the replay to practice when I am not so busy with work.

Wendy Lee

A Past Workshop with Maria!

For Only $67


You Will Also Receive These Bonuses:


Private Facebook Group

The Private Facebook group will be to communicate and ask Maria any questions you may have about the Styling training. You'll also be able to share videos of you practicing and ask for feedback and tips to improve.  


On1 Styling Tips

Maria teaches Salsa On2 style throughout the entire course but all of the techniques and drills can be used in any style. There is BONUS video for those who dance Salsa On1 and gives tips and shows ways to implement some of the moves to On1 style.


I think you guys are created a platform that is amazing

I'm too shy to comment during the live classes but I wanted to let you know that your classes have been so helpful for me and I'm sure for many others during this time.

Dancing has always been my outlet and you've been able to provide that in the comfort of my own home. I think you guys are created a platform that is amazing. I've joined your membership as well. I think if you keep posting videos, this will continue to grow.

I loved your styling class and told a few of my friends to join. Everyone is home and I'm sure needs that something to keep them sane. Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you and I'm looking forward to class this Saturday!

Ashley Efrom

I absolutely love your Ladies Styling classes!

I find them a blend of On2 Salsa with a Yamulee influence mixed with traditional Jazz dance. Your warm-up directly applies to the choreography. The choreo is created in sections so each level can focus at a specific phrase or keep progressing through.

It's great to have the arms and body movements given as options i.e., one can do the step sequence only, add arms if desired, hips and body rolls for more involvement. Plus, the total choreo at each phrase is described in detail making it very understandable.

I love how you change out the music for different tempos and several music choices make it easy to hear the percussion at the "Cun Cun Pa." Also, your new audio and camera set up is much better!

Deborah Jones

Joel & Maria are outstanding teachers!!!! They have the patience of showing you the moves as many times as you need until you feel good with it. If you want to learn to dance this is the best way. Maria & Joel do it because they are passionate about salsa and like to share it with the people that would like to learn.

-Iran DeLaurentis

Best salsa dance school out there. Took a private with Maria and she pointed out some of the finer points of salsa dancing that I was missing. Decided to give the group classes a try, and haven't looked back since. Both Maria and Joel are excellent instructors, very patient, and never hesitant to walk on over to help you out.

-Freddy Leon

I was immediately impressed with Maria & Joel's professionalism, expertise, and passion they had in their teaching of Salsa. It's very important for me that a teacher is clear with their direction & instruction of the salsa steps, that they are experienced with mistakes usually experienced on the dance floor!

- Sofia M

Joel & Maria are such talented instructors. Joel has a unique style of teaching that keeps you interested and makes the classes fun. With Maria's attention to detail she will guide you making sure your steps are perfect. Together they are the perfect team!

- Sandra Markowitz

Joel and Maria are great. They are both very talented dancers, teachers and all around good people. They make learning to dance fun and challenging.

- Phil Bastian

I watch their online tutorials from AZ. They are very, very knowledgeable. They explain the happenings behind the moves very well. Especially musicality, which makes it easier to understand the music and enjoy the dance.

- Whitney Dominique Simplice

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