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Learn or improve your Salsa dancing on your own schedule in the comfort of your home. Whether you are a Beginner who is just starting out or an Experienced dancer that wants to look or feel better on the floor, we have the best program to cater to your needs.

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Beginner Level

Salsa Bootcamp course is for the Beginner student who wants to learn and strengthen the fundamentals of Salsa - timing, basic steps, turns, shines, leading & following techniques.

As you get deeper into this course you will gain more experience by by using the tools to help you look smooth and fluid and onto the dance floor

Salsa Membership

Salsa Membership is a monthly membership for the more experienced dancer. You will learn new, fun & challenging turn patterns, footwork and techniques that will take your dancing to a whole other level. Each month you will receive new videos where Joel & Maria will explain in great detail so you will be able to use the material and implement them on the dance floor

Dance With Feeling
Timing & Musicality

Dance With Feeling will teach you the timing and clear sounds of the instruments so that you are able to connect to them and add them into your Salsa dancing. You will be able to start understanding the music in a simple that will help you reinforce the timing and musicality of the songs without counting. For advanced dancers you will be switch between the instruments and interpret the music in a fun and creative way.

Melissa Rosado
Ladies Styling Vol. 1

Ladies Styling will help you develop sensual and sexy styling beginning with fundamentals basic movement and advancing to more complicated arm and body movement designed to be incorporated into partnering and shines.

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